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Where is Sri Lanka International Airport?

Do you know where Colombo (CMB) Airport is located?

Sri Lanka International Airport, Colombo (CMB) Airport, officially known as Bandaranaike International Airport, is Sri Lanka’s main airport.

Most tourists therefore think that Sri Lanka International Airport is in or near Colombo.

Sri Lanka’s International Airport is not ¬†in Colombo at all. At least not close by. The airport is approximately 36 km north of Colombo.

Where is Sri Lanka International Airport or nearby?

The airport is located in a suburb of Negombo town. The center of Negombo is only 10 km from the International Airport.

So when planning a trip to Sri Lanka, it is sometimes more convenient to stay in Negombo than to find the hustle and bustle in Colombo.

If you want to go to Colombo please note that travel time to Colombo can vary between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours.

From Bandanaraike International Airport, drive via Express Way to Colombo. This toll road, the E03 is about 26 kilometers long and costs you US$ 2, Рtoll. If you drive to Colombo during peak hours (08:00 to 21:00) you will automatically get into a  traffic jam. This eventually becomes a file that brings you slowly (45 minutes extra) into Colombo.

We always book the first night in Negombo for our customers, especially after a long flight, it’s convenient to be fast at your hotel, to plunge and swim in the pool on the beachside.

It is always possible when ypu book a round tour with Tourmaster Sri Lanka, to organize an overnight in Colombo or, of course, you can stay in Negombo again. This all depends on your arrival and departure time.

With Tourmaster Sri Lanka, all of this is organized to suit your needs, because you book your own flight and we are updating your travel schedule.

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