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Colombo Airport Sri Lanka: New Runway!

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Colombo Airport Sri Lanka: New Runway!

After more than 50 years of operation, The Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) also known as Colombo Airport, and runway are in need of an upgrade. To cope with increasing numbers of visitors, the runway is being re-surfaced to conform to new International norms and a second terminal in being constructed.

Colombo Airport Operations

From January 5th 2017 and for approximately 3 months, use of the runway of the Colombo Airport will be limited. During this time the airport runway will be closed for landing and takeoff between the hours of 08.30am and 16.30pm. Outside these hours the airport will operate normally.

What does this mean for you?

All major Airlines have now made changes to their respective flight plans to deal with the runway restrictions. Unfortunately, for some Airlines that fly via a hub airport (Emirates, Qatar, Etihad) this may include a longer transfer time.

We at Tourmaster have noted that not all travel agencies and booking offices have been notified, or are not keeping updated of the changes to flight schedules. In this case you could find your carefully chosen flight plan will be changed without prior notice!

Book with TourMaster Sri Lanka

Booking your hotels and tours with Tourmaster will take away any unwanted surprise with flights. Book and purchase your flights yourself we can adapt your tour or beach holiday depending on your arrival time.

During the upgrade to the runway, flights must land during the evening or night hours. This will be a problem as hotels standard “check-in” is 15.00 pm. Tourmaster will ensure that you can check into directly on arrival to your hotel.

For more information,  please can contact us.

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