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5 reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka

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5 reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka

What shall we do this year?

A beach holiday, an adventure journey or shall we be enchanted by the culture treasure of an island far away. Everything is possible in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is small but very big in it’s diversity. One morning you could be splashing in a turquoise sea, swimming with dolphins, and after lunch, trekking through tropical rain forest.The next day you could be experiencing ancient monuments and culture. A perfect place for traveling with the whole family. 

Here are our  5 reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka:


1. Beaches

Can you imagine your most ideal and perfect beach? Deserted, palm fringed, turquoise water, powder soft white sand! Well this is what you can find here in Sri Lanka.

2. Wildlife

Sri Lanka, the Sacred Island, is truly blessed with magnificent wild life! Will you be lucky to see the “ghost of the jungle” the shy and elusive Leopard, the imposing elephant or the leaping Langur? Let us not forget Sri Lanka is also one of only two places in the world having the opportunity to see the largest animal on Earth, the larger than life Blue Whale!

3.Ancient Culture

The awe inspiring massif that is the Sigiriya Rock Fortress
to most sacred of temples, The Temple of the Tooth.
Legend tells us this is the home of a tooth from Lord Buddha himself.
In Polonnaruwa you can visit the beautiful and mystic reclining Buddha, carved from the living rock. The home of the famous monkeys from in the BBC TV documentary “The Temple Troop”, or you can visitThe ancient and majestic UNESCO World Heritage site at Anuradhapura

4. Nature

With its tropical climate Sri Lanka shines like an emerald, trees and plants in all shades of green. This is not to say Sri Lanka is without colour, the flowers are just spectacular, having every colour under the sun. From the stunning Indian paradise fly catcher to the majestic white bellied sea eagle, Sri Lanka is a bird watcher heaven, with a check list of over 400 species. 70 species can be found nowhere else in the world.

5. Curries

Wow. From the fiery North to the subtle and delicate South, Sri Lankan curries offer a mouth-watering, tongue sizzling not to be missed, culinary experience.

Come and See, Hear, Taste, Touch and Smell what I Experience Everyday


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One thought on “5 reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka

By Guus en Jeanne Storm on 19 April 2016

Via,via, hoorden wij van Tourmaster en besloten onze reis door hun te laten verzorgen en een betere keus hadden we niet kunnen maken. Geweldige rondreis gemaakt waar we met plezier op terugkijken. Prima hotels en een heel vriendelijke, kundige chauffeur/gids. Kortom heel goed verzorgd.

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